Our Sponors
"I have learned so much from Wayne and his programs.  He has helped me understand the
fundamentals of the game and helped me fine tune my skills.  I had the privilege to play for him on one
of the most competitive AAU teams in the northeast.  Without that experience I would not have gotten
where I am today.  Wayne has been a great mentor to me and many of my teammates.  He has guided
all of us in reaching our potential and goals.  Thanks for everything!"
     - Kelsey Beynnon - Marist College, Street & Smith's HM All-American (High School) -

“My son is now choosing from among seven colleges that recruited him and then admitted him all due
to the attention he received while participating in the Lone Wolf AAU basketball program.  Thanks,
                                                 - Chuck Lacy -

"I just want to thank Wayne, without him, I would not have been ready to not only play but compete
against professional teams in Germany.  He helped me improve on skills that I did not even think
needed work.  He worked with me to develop my shooting, moves to the basket, athleticism, and ball
handling skills.  I am now confident that I can play at a high level overseas, and continue my career.  I
give Wayne my highest recommendation to anybody who wants to play basketball at the highest level."
                                                 - Dana Martin -
(Dana is a former Pro Basketball Player for the 2007 ABA champions Vermont Frost Heaves)

"Wayne has done a wonderful job teaching my daughter Evan the fundamentals of basketball,
improving all aspects of her game and giving her the confidence necessary to be competitive.  I
strongly recommend Wayne to anyone who wants to improve their basketball skills!"
                                                - Dr. Ted Librizzi -

"I have had the privilege of playing basketball with Wayne over the last 8 years, and through his
knowledge of basketball, and how to play it the right way, helped me become a better player.  This
wasn't easy, as I have been playing for 20+ years, and he was able to correct my shooting form, and
make me a better shooter.  I have two daughters that have been working with Wayne for three months
now, and his ability to understand their basketball limitations, and develop plans to work on  their
skills, have made them better basketball players, and more importantly, better teammates."
                                                - John A. LaFreniere -